Code the tools of production. Join the Stitch Revolution.

Seamly2D / Valentina is open source pattern drafting software, designed to be the foundation of a new stack of open source tools to remake the garment industry. Seamly2D uses parametric design to combine pattern formulas with measurements to create custom sized patterns.

Seamly2D patterns are shareable and remixable, and can be used by any sewist or manufacturer for garment production.

Seamy2D’s open data formats and and collaborative culture enables independent designers to become ethically profitable, and can empower designers focused on eco fashion and slow fashion. Seamly2D can enable individual regional styles and local garment districts to return.

Small batch and custom sized clothing manufacturing is essential to create a sustainable future, preserve small to medium sized textile spinning and weaving manufacturers, enable independent and small designers and manufacturers to scale up to make a decent living, rebuild local garment districts, and reduce or eliminate slave labor.

Seamly2D is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows.




2 thoughts on “About

  1. HELLO, i love valentina!
    i’m making my first collection with hapiness thanks to it!
    But this morning a pattern would’nt open and a windows saying ” files error; mesurements are missings in your chart; please additionally provide : V”
    The thing is that i didn’t touch the chart since the last modofication of the files and i don’t know what ” V” is…
    Someone could help me ? this patern was long to built!

    Thanks in advance and let the couture be with us!
    Myrtille, France


    1. Hi Myrtille!
      Thank you for contacting Seamly2D! Did you join our forum at https://seamly.net? We would love to help you. Are you using Valentina or are you using Seamly2D? There are some differences, we will be happy to help you with both.


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